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Mykonos Accommodation Center
Area : Chora
Location : Cyclades Islands - Mykonos
Address : Enoplon Dynameon 10, GR-84600
Category : Travel Agency
Phone : +30 2289023160 or 23408
Fax : +30 2289024137
Email : mac@mykonos-accommodation.com

Welcome to MYKONOS: a perfect place for your holiday...secure, friendly and cosmopolitan.

Peaceful in Spring, Autumn & Winter: ideal for romance, and a real must during any Greek island-hopping tour.

Lively Summer-time: the perfect vacation spot for meeting friends from all over the world, with July and August offering great parties and fun for the young and young at heart.

Mykonos Island proposes the largest choice of top-class hotels and accommodation for all types of budget, the finest beaches in the Aegean Sea, exciting nightlife and the most choice of clubs and restaurants in Greece.

Our travel agency & reservation center for all lodgings: from deluxe hotels to small tourist class inns, pensions, rooms, studios, flats, apartments, houses & villas.

Travel services: bookings in other islands & Athens, day trips, excursions, tours, car & jeep rental, airplane tickets: domestic & international & much more.

Kivotos, Royal Myconian, Mykonos Blu, Santa Marina, Tharroe, Ambassador, Kouros, Cavo Tagoo, Apanema, Pelican Bay, Archipelagos, Andromeda, Irida, Leonis, Poseidon, Anastasios, Elysium, Geranium, Ilio Maris, Elena, Adonis, Zephyros, Zannis, Giovanni, Marina, Stelios, Fournakia.

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