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Orca Travel
Area : Kato Daratso
Location : Crete Island - Chania
Address : Akti Papanikoli 28
Category : Travel Agency
Phone : +30 2821070251
Fax : +30 2821093582
Email : info@orcatravel.gr

Orcatravel will provide you all domestic tickets via air and ferries. Greece has one of the best fleet of ferries and planes to connect you to most cities and islands. We are agents for the biggest companies that will make your trip pleasant, safe and economic. Our staffs have been trained to use the software for this facility in its best way, so our customer can always have a smile.

Traveling around Greece can be more pleasant when our experts assist the customer with accommodation, airline or ferry tickets, car rentals, insurances and general information. Our phones are available to answer any questions you may require.

Vehicles offered by our company are less than 2 years old and serviced according to their manufactures requirements. The pricing includes all taxes, 24-hour road side assistance, 100% insurance coverage of the vehicles with no access required incase of accident, road maps, personal insurance for the driver and the passengers, and free drop-off and pick-up of the vehicle at the clients hotel or port of arrival. With the 24-hour road side assistance the driver will have access to a mobile mechanic at any time and any place if any problems occur with the vehicle. In-case of a mechanical fault, there will be an instant replacement. Keep in mind that this service also provides the client with any information he would require during his journey.

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