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Crete Island
Map of Heraklio
Useful Numbers
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Useful Phone Numbers

Crete Region 2810336330 2810341641
Heraklion's Prefecture 2810396200
Land Registry 2810228927
State Employment Services (OAED) 2810342095
A. Public Financial Service 2810309140
B Public Financial Service 2810378271
Financial Crimes Squad(SDOE) 2810244951
Ktimatiki Corporation 2810310340
Sustainable management of forests 2810314840
Crete Region Tourism Division 2810246100
Chemical Services Management 2810225242
Service of Budgetary Control 2810281430
Service of Statistics 2810323652
Squad of Inspectors of Controllers of Public Administration 2103496213
National Institution of Youth 2810250724

Emergency Services

Fire Department 199
Police (Emergencies) 100
Ambulance (First Aid Advice) 166, 2810222222


Primary Education 2810221543
Secondary Education 2810333720

Police & Courts

Police Station of Public Order 2810282316
Tourist Police 2810283190
Municipal Police 2810334181-5
First Police Department 2810282243
Second Police Department 2810284589
Police Station of Agios Mironas 2810721210
Airport Police Station 2810245585
Market Police Inspection 2810282817
Road Traffic Police 2810282031
Forest Fire Prevention Centre 191
Port Police 108, 2810244912
Customs 2810346200
Police Court Magistrate 2810280886
Court of First Instance 2810288388
Public Prosecutor's Office 2810342163
Administrative Court of First Instance 2810281481
Justice of the Peace 2810 282875
Court of Minors 2810282895


Greek Army 2810245602
Army Recruitment Office 2810326978
Martial Aviation 126SM 2810275599


Regional Academic Hospital (PAGNI) 2810392111
Venizeleio General Hospital 2810368000-29


Olympic Airways (airport) 2810245644
N. Kazantzakis airport 2810228402
Buses Heraklion-Lasithi 2810245019
Buses Hania-Rethymno 2810221765
Civil Aviation 2810397800
Post Office 2810234468
Heraklion Technical Inspection of Vehicles ( K.T.E.O) 2810380352
Road Help ELPA (OVELPA) 104
Road Help Express Service 154
Road Help Hellas Service 1057
Road Help Interamerican 168

Services of Health and Welfare

Social Insurance Institute (IKA) 2810303500
Organisization of farmers Insurance (ΟGΑ) 2810330606
Public Institution for Social Welfare (PIKPA) 2810325220
National Organism of Welfare 2810315653

Archaeological Sites

Knossos 2810231940


Vikelaia Library 2810399269
Kazantzakis Theatre 2810242977
Archaeological Museum 2810279000
Historical Museum 2810283219
Museum of Battle of Crete 2810346554
N. Kazantzakis Museum 2810741689
Municipal Gallery 2810399228


Municipal Swimming Pool 2810250788
Closed Gym 2810251788
Eleutherias Stadium 2810253723

Telephones of Municipal Services

Municipal Roll 2810229915, 283145, 227596
Registry 2810229813, 229835, 225647
For matters related to the Old City 2810399209, 399197, 399214
For matters related to the Venetian Walls 2810399206 and 2810399266
For Urban matters 2810399343 and 2810399320
For matters related to the Technical Services 2810399176 and 2810399177
For subjects of Cleanness 2810380490, 380428
Municipal Cemeteries Agiou Konstantinou 2810231079
Patelon 2810234437
Agiou Ioanni 2810213207
For subjects that concern the Administrative Services of the Municipality 2810399106 and 2810399108
For subjects that concern the Financial Services of the Municipality Address of Revenues 2810399128 and 2810399129
Address of Financial Planning and Expenses 2810399130
For Cultural matters 2810399208 and 2810399264
Vikelaia Municipal Library 2810399269 and 2810301543
Καzantzakis Theater 2810242977
Museum of Battle of Crete 2810346554
Municipal Philharmonic of Heraklion and Philharmonic School 2810341261, 229857
Municipal Police 2810334181 - 185
KESAN 2810313222
Centres for elderly citizens 2810301435 - 436
Office of European Programs 2810331286 - 287
Mayor’s Office 2810399101 - 103
One stop Shop (Citizen's Center) 2810276700 -714
D.E.P.T.A.I. 2810241950
D.E.Y.A.I. 2810229913 and 11122

Telephone Numbers of Municipal Departments

Municipal Department of Vasilies 2810881367
Municipal Department of Stavrakia
Municipal Department of Voutes 2810721422
Municipal Department of Dafnes 2810791361
Municipal Department of Scalani 2810731234

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Hydra Island

Welcome to Hellas (Greece) and welcome to Hydra! it's probably impossible to fit all of Hydra's fascinating beauty in this small pamphlet. We have attempted, however, to give a short description of the island that has enough to offer the visitor and guarantees a memorable vacation.

The healthy dry climate, the friendly people, the sparkling warm waters and the picturesque harbor that at sundown transforms into a cosmopolitan city full of sports, scuba diving, trips to the islander historical monasteries, donkey rides in town, shopping In the stores along the harbor, good food in the taverner and restaurants, and all night partying at the bars and music clubs around town.

The high quality and exquisite service characteristic of the hotels and other shops and restaurants fit perfectly the strict standards of the highest class visitors and the jet set from all over the world that come to Hydra every year.

Sponsored by Mistral Hotel

Have a wonderful time...